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                Immediate Fundraising Needs for the Children of CCALP         



This section will change due to a variety of circumstances, so please do come back regularly and see what our pressing needs are at any moment in time.

Conversion Rates as of September 2014

1 U.S. Dollar = 2,600 Uganda Shillings (UGX)

A monthly recurring donation of $30 ~ 78,150 Uganda Shillings

Your American or Canadian Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds can do some very powerful things here for us in Uganda!


Immediate 'One Time'Financial Expenditures


We are always working for the best for the children in our schools, so there are always projects on the horizon. This page will be updated with our most immediate needs in due course. But please do give now to support our efforts.

Your immediate contribution  will be greatly appreciated. 

Key 'Monthly Recurring' Financial Expenditures

Hire Teacher for 'Top' Class (Upper Kindergarten)

200,000 UGX per month ~ $250 per month


Hire Teacher for P 2 Classroom

200,000 UGX per month ~ $250 per month


Secondary 1 Classroom Opens

700,000 UGX per month ~ $450 per month

The Secondary School has an administrator, as well as an host of part time teachers for different subjects, as is common in Secondary School in Uganda, and throughout the world.  This is a very conservative estimate for what we will need to cover our very basic costs each month in the way of salaries.


Matron on Staff

150,000 UGX per month ~ $100 per month

The children need a full time person - we call such a person a 'Matron' in Uganda' - that is responsible for the daily personal needs of our children (hygiene, medications, emotional needs, etc.)


1 Cup of Porridge for all Students not Receiving Meals

860,000 UGX per month ~ $550 per month



At the Nansana CCALP site, each school day, 350 students who live in the community with guardians, come to our school to join our school community and the approximately 60 children who live at CCALP.  With the exception of the most vulnerable of these off site 350 children, we have not been able to feed them a meal each day when they come to school.  We desperately which to remedy this situation, but this will cost us alot of money each month to feed them merely a cup of pooridge each school day.  We hope that, in the foreseeable future, we will be able to serve them a more 'proper' and hearty lunch, as we do for the children who live at CCALP.


Adequate Kitchen Supplies and Utensils

50,000 UGX per month ~ $30 per month

We need to make sure that we have adequate kitchen supplies and utensils to be able to manage to feed as many children as we intend to feed.  This modest amount of money does not include the fact that we will most certainly need to enlarge our kitchen staff as we begin to feed all 400 + children and hire more people to prepare, cook, and serve.


Thank you for your generousity and kindness.


Program Director - Segawa Ephraim

Centre for Child Advocacy and Life Planning

Po Box 30600 Kampala Uganda

Tel + 256 77 2615755